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Home Networks

Home networks vary greatly in complexity.  From wireless networks, media servers, storage and smart appliances, ITM Solutions has the experience that can get you the most out of your home network.  We specialize in network design, and can offer services to maximize your online experience.  From expanding your wireless network coverage, increasing the security of your home network, to setting up central servers to automate and organize your media to be accessible to anywhere in your house, stream media to your television, stream music to your sound system and even manage lighting and alarm systems right from your tablet or laptop.

Software Management

Sometimes, we are all faced with various issues that result from out dated software, or security problems within operating systems.  We provide a complete end to end service that can prevent security leaks and remove malicious software from your computer that may be already be in place to send valuable information to a 3rd party.  Software updates, operating systems updates, virus removal and software consultation and tutoring is just a small list of services that we offer.  We can also fix older machines that have seen the wear and tear of age and have slowed down considerably.

Hardware Upgrades
Is your computer outdated?  Prefer not to spend the money to buy a brand new computer when you may only need a bit of a boost?  Our client relationships with hardware vendors make it possible to offer our clients new and cutting edge hardware at very competitive prices.  Before spending too much time thinking about what you need, call us, and take advantage of our free consultation.  We can put you on the right track and save you as much as possible.
Cable Management

Even though wireless technology is becoming the new standard, we still have no choice but to deal with wires.  Monitor cables, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, etc. are all still a reality when dealing with even the most cutting edge home entertainment equipment.  There is no job too small or too large.  We can hide any type of cable anywhere, if you have an entire building in which cables need to be hid in many rooms throughout the house, we have connections with some of the best contractors in the Greater Toronto Area, and can offer great prices in full home cable management.