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Network Management

It has been proven over and over that outsourcing IT issues, especially for smaller companies, can save you a bundle.  Most companies do not need a full time IT staff, and to get highly qualified IT personnel on your payroll you end up spending a bundle.  Why not hire someone for a few hours a week, or month to take the worry off of your hands?  ITM can help with simple maintenance of patching and software updates to the server remotely from our location, the cleaning inside and out of workstations to increase the life-cycle of your workstations and increase worker efficiency. We remove viruses, handle company volume licensing, email support, website updates and much more.  To find out how we can help you cut costs, call us today for a free consultation.


We have been in the IT industry for 18 years.  We have seen the market go from one extreme to the next.  We have insight into what are the most cost effective and efficient ways of getting the most out of your network.  Should you host your server on site? Should you co-locate?  Should you host your servers in the cloud?  We can get you the best results at the lowest cost, all while reducing the amount of downtime.  ITM offers free consultation to existing clients and prospective clients.  Are your IT costs skyrocketing?  Is your current staff or IT contractors failing to get the job done? Maybe it is time to give us a call, and find out what we can do to keep costs under control and improve your relationship with technology.


Our hosting services range from simple website and email hosting to full scale cloud and virtualization.  We have servers and good business relationships with the largest datacenters in Canada.  Why put up a massive amount of money into server and network infrastructure within your location, if for a fraction of the price you can have all of your needs hosted off site with fully scalable solutions and fully managed services 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Call us and let us help you get what you need.

Web Development

Everyone knows their web presence can be one of the most important and cost effective ways of bringing in new business and generating new revenue streams for the company.  ITM solutions offers a large range of services in the area of web development too.  Is your website not driving sales or not getting the reach you need to maximize your bottom line?  We can make your web site work for you.  Call us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your existing site and development strategy.